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Originally Posted by steagall1000 View Post
I don't think in my opinon, that this was a good Idea for Eric to do this. Only because its better, that Laser Jammers are less known to the Police departments. The less the officers know about these devices the better. According to one officer, he thinks these devices don't work. Lets let them keep believing that, and not put laws against them. By going on the news, eric has now put everyone out there who owns a jammer in a bad situation if they JTG the officer. Its only a matter of time until every state makes a law against these devices. Please give me your feed back on this video?

YouTube - erickonphoenix Fox News Profile
Not a good move. This will only create an awareness from LEOs to be on the lookout for countermeasures, create an environment for new devices to beat ours, and animosity from the law enforcement community. They may not pull him over speeding if they can't get a lock on him, but they sure could harass him for something else and that is just a headache that I would prefer not to go through. Stealth is the name of the game....sigh!
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